Wonder”Fall” Iguazu – Argentina


Wonder”Fall” Iguazu !

There are no words, no songs, and not even poetic compositions in my mind that can describe the magnificently Wonder ”fall” – Iguazu.

You go to the falls and just don’t want to leave. The never-ending water flow will captivate your feelings, your mind and your being. We were truly awestruck and even after hours at the falls, we kept going back to take a final look, soak it all in and hope we never ever forget this wondrous feeling.  Puerto Iguazu is a small town that provides the base to visit Iguazu falls. The town has restaurants, shopping and tour agencies. We spent 2 days at Puerto Iguazu; one entire day at the Iguazu falls (though were tempted to go back for a 2nd day).


Tucan on our way to the Falls

Each part of the Iguazu falls is worth miles of hiking for us; so hiking upto the Devil’s throat (Garganta del Diablo) was the best hike ever. After a short train ride inside the park, the final stretch when approaching the Devil’s throat is a bridge to cross to get to the main part of the falls. The river under the bridge is surprisingly very calm. As you come up to the Devil’s throat, the calm flowing river turns into a gigantic, vigorous water fall. Undeniably, one of the best natural wonders we have been to and impossibly large.


Gautam’s glory moment

To get to the other portions of the falls, we took the train back to start of the walking circuits that led to the visually stunning upper deck or the lower deck ‘soaker’. Both the circuits take you over and under many distinct parts of the falls, and provide many spectacular views.  We got really lucky and were able to get Gautam’s solo picture with the magnificent Iguazu.  All the treks are well maintained and preserved. Tall old trees form a canopy all through the way; sighting a Tucan or various other exotic birds and animals (monkeys, coaties) is very common.


Boat going in the Falls

One of the best adventures of our trip was taking the boat ride to the falls. A fellow backpacker we met in Buenos Aires had warned us that though the boat ride was an absolute must-do, it does take you UNDER the falls; so, be prepared to get soaking wet. But Gautam insisted on taking the warnings figuratively, and not literally. So, we decided not to take our heavy duty hiking boots off and got in the boat. We did go UNDER the falls, not once but 2 times. It was mind-boggling. Definitely one of the craziest things we did on our South American adventures. Being under the most magnificent falls in the world is indescribable. After the boat ride, foolishly spending the rest of the day in the soaking wet boots was when, I think, I started getting sick.

Video clip of the boat ride under the magnificient Iguazu

Yet, it’s impossible to get enough of Iguazu. We tried leaving Iguazu several times and kept going back for one last look. Finally, we were extremely tired and the last bus was about to leave so, we had to leave as well. I don’t know if I will ever make it to the Iguazu falls again in my lifetime, though I want to try real hard and never forget the feeling of awe.



We spent another day at Puerto Iguazu visiting Guira-Oga, which is a bird and animal rehabilitation center and La Aripuca which is an Eco park. The adventure factor was when we hitched a ride on the back of a locals’ truck without speaking a common language – kind of funny and a bit scary as well. Before we were done, we visited the Tres Fronteras where the Iguazu & Parana rivers converge at the junction of Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay.

After the high of Puerto Iguazu, we were cautiously excited about crossing over to neighboring Foz Do Iguacu to re-visit the falls from the Brazilian viewpoint.

Iguazu in my twisted analogy is “Human’s Envy, Nature’s Pride”

Additional Pictures of Iguazu Falls – Argentina !

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