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A Rebel without a cause, An artist without a medium, A missionary without a belief, I am all over the place. As passionate as you get, as diverse as you get, as confused as you get. That’s me. A complex, overcharged creature that craves adventures all the time.

I grew up with a visual sensory overload of things collected from all over the world and pictures from fascinating destinations. As a kid I always dreamt that one day I will go to all these wonderful places and click beautiful pictures. Traveling & Photography, a genetic gift, are now blossoming into my dominant passion.

Living in India taught me to embrace people – it is hard to live among a billion people and not like people ;-) To the sponge like me, India entrenches a love for culture. Talking, exploring new cultures and making new friends is now a compulsive disorder. In fact, ‘Sumita’ means a good friend :)

A late bloomer as a food & drink enthusiast, I zealously apply my life motto – try everything once – to all that the culinary world has to offer. Thankfully, the drinks & desserts are always vegetarian. Of course, coffee & cake are still my favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner ;-)

All of my dreams & passions have been granted their big opportunity. The rebel has found her cause, I am on my World Travel mission. Exploring new Cultures, Cuisines and incredible places. Ready to take advantage of everything that the World has to offer.

I am fortunate to have the courage and support from my “Amazing” half to make my dreams a reality. My ideal partner in the world Travel crime is my husband, Gautam. He completes me on multiple levels. He is clam when I am not, he is always looking out for me. There are many advantages of travelling with him, the top most being an easily convinced partner to jump off the cliff with me.

Only if I can let go and stop being a control freak that I am, this will be the best adventure of my life. Onto making it the best world trip EVER !!


Exceptionally average & moderate in all aspects of life is how I think of myself. Quiet, yet can be loud. Flexible, yet stubborn. Practical, yet very emotional. Mature, but still a kid. The list of contradictions could go on. No wonder it took me ‘only’ a few months and more than a gentle nudge from my “awesome” half to get around to writing this.

Born and raised in Bombay, life has been mostly good to me. From family to friends, from school through college, from steady work to an adventurous marriage, things seem to have fallen in place. Of course, I must be the secret ingredient ;-)

Moving to the US and my marriage were two significant events, which in their respective ways have led to me sitting in the remotest part of the world, on a bright sunny day, doing nothing  but write about myself ;-) One taught me to be independent, the other taught me to be dependent & have another depend on me.

Growing up, the one thing I was truly passionate about was sports. Doesn’t matter what kind it was, I love them all. Moving to the US only encouraged it more. I enjoyed traveling as well, but certainly a distant 2nd or 3rd on my list of interests. Of course, once Sumita came into my life and everything changed. No, not that … I’m still as passionate about sports as I always was. But, the overflowing passion for travel that is in her every cell was bound to mutate my genes too.

Aspiring towards the simplicity & mindful ideas of my namesake, the Buddha, yet lured to the complexly super mind & powers of the Batman. I believe that Gautam Buddha & Gotham city had some part in my naming ;-)

Only if I can settle for a little less than perfect, this will be the perfect adventure of my life. Onto making it the best world trip EVER !!

10 Responses to About Us

  1. Rashi says:

    Very inspiring you both!! Only you two have what it takes to plan such an amazing trip. Much love!

  2. Tushar says:

    Enjoy your RTW. Please plan at least one India cricket game in all this ( i am living vicariously through y’all) :-)

    May be the end of year Ind tour of South Africa?

    • Sumita says:

      Tushar, :) The rate at which we are going..your wish will be granted. Gautam is going to drag me to a Cricket Game, I am already dreading the Test Matches. Don’t think South Africa is end of the year on our itinerary, but I am sure, now Gautam will start attempting modifications.

  3. samta says:

    Love it….keep it going and make it the best RTW ever. Everyone here is very happy for you two and have a blast.

  4. shakti says:

    Sis..u are living’…what most.. find difficult dreaming! N dat makes U’..who u are!! With all ur complexities n hyper activities..u still simply inspire n envy the calm n wise around…!! Ur amazing half is indeed an amazing match! Made to order…just for u!! Have a gr8 trip!! Luv

  5. Scott Trimble says:

    An enviable experience, and a very impressive presentation. Thanks for sharing so the rest of us can live vicariously through you.

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