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Ukyaykusun Peru !!

Peruvian people are proud of the INCA heritage. The local language during INCA times was Quechua. Most of the Peruvians speak Quechua and Spanish. It is amazing that the language is only a spoken dialect. There is no written form. … Continue reading

Si Si, No Problemas – It’s La Paz !!

We went from the most expensive country in South America to one of the poorest countries in South America – Bolivia. This makes it popular amongst budget travelers, especially the long-term backpacking types. Vegetarian food, because more affordable, is everywhere. … Continue reading

Futebol – Belo’s claim to Fame !

The town of Belo Horizonte, or Beagá as it is popularly known, is famous for its locally produced distinct Brazilian Cheese. It is the third largest metropolitan area in Brazil. We like cheese but that is not the reason we went … Continue reading

Redemption in Rio De Janeiro !!

Rio is full of contrasts. It is easily one of the touristiest cities in the World; it is also one of the most difficult cities to travel on a budget. Language is a major problem with even people in the … Continue reading

Buenos Amorío

“Wise men say only fools rush in, BUT I can’t help falling in love with you” The indecisive always confused couple agreed on Buenos Aires (BA) being the Numero UNO city they will move to. Sure the city is crowded, … Continue reading

Wonder”Fall” Iguazu – Argentina

There are no words, no songs, and not even poetic compositions in my mind that can describe the magnificently Wonder ”fall” – Iguazu. You go to the falls and just don’t want to leave. The never-ending water flow will captivate … Continue reading

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